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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gillian Chung Photo Incident

credits to Karazen.com

Twins Gillian Chung Victimized by Spying Paparazzis

HONG KONG (AP) Aug 24, 2006 - The cover of a Hong Kong magazine that shows a photo of a local pop star adjusting her bra while changing backstage has stirred an outcry, with critics denouncing the display as despicable.

The current issue of Easy Finder magazine, shows Gillian Chung of the Hong Kong female pop duo Twins fixing her bra backstage at a concert at the Malaysian entertainment resort of Genting last week. Her breast is not revealed. The second, smaller cover photo shows Chung naked shoulder up. The headline reads, "Ah Kiu releases bra near back window," using Chung's Chinese nickname.

The voyeuristic photo has drawn protests from the government, editorialists, journalists and members of the public who filed hundreds of complaints against the cover to government regulators. Easy Finder didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

The exact situation remains unclear, what’s confirmed is that a hidden pinhole camera was planted in the changing room for TWINS concert in Genting Highland, and pictures were taken of Gillian naked without her knowing it.

The Hong Kong Journalists Association said in a statement the photos violated professional ethics and "seriously" violated personal privacy. "The association believes reporters should respect personal reputation and privacy. They should avoid violating privacy when reporting on a subject's private life without his or her consent," the statement said.

The respected Ming Pao Daily News said in an editorial Thursday the cover "can only be described as dirty and obscene." "These magazines, for the sake of galvanizing readers and spike circulation, have stooped to a level where they use illegitimate means, and anything goes," it wrote.

Hong Kong's Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology Joseph Wong was quoted as saying in Ming Pao, "taking photos secretly is always wrong." "The wording in magazines is getting increasingly obscene and gross," Wong told a private gathering with reporters.

Chung's record label EEG is seeking legal advice, it said in a statement.

Hong Kong's in-your-face paparazzi tactics have drawn fire before. Eastweek magazine was shut down amid the backlash after publishing on its cover a photo of a visibly distressed, seminude female star, widely reported to be Carina Lau, in October 2002.

Pictures :

watch the interview :

Oh my gosh gillian was crying so badly...i hope that person who took the pictures get sued cuz this is a really big thing.....wish gillian the best of luck

OK here's a picture of her changing but you can't really see anything...its taken from karazen.com and there were other photos but they took them down to support her.
I sorta think this is the actual pic but not sure...cuz u can't see anything just her shirt and sum1 covering it with a blanket of some sort:


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