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Sunday, November 05, 2006

TVB Anniversary Coming Up!!

I'm so excited that the TVB Anniversary is here once again and this year there is a lot of talk between Myolie and Charmaine winning the Best Female Award. Personally, I'd love to see Charmaine win because Myolie doesn't have enough experience and her acting skills still can't be compared to Charmaine. OK, she did a lot of sacrifice for the new show, like gaining weight, but the female award isn't about popularity and sacrifice....its about true acting skills. TVB has been really unfair in the last few years about awards and they just might give the award to Myolie, but I think Charmaine did more for TVB and I have a feeling that if she doesn't win the award, she'll follow into Kenix's steps and enter the Mainland China industry. Myolie has potential but Charmaine deserves it more, and this is just my opinion so no offense to Myolie fans.

On talking about the Best Male Award, Steven Ma or Sunny Chan should win. TVB probably will give the award to Joe Ma for his performance in Maiden's Vow, but Steven Ma has way better acting skills and if Steven Ma doesn't win it should be Sunny Chan. It would've been better if TVB broadcasted War and Destiny in HK cause I loved that show to death and I was an immediate fan of Sunny Chan after I watched it. I didn't really like Love Guaranteed and so it would have been better if he was nominated for playing the role in War and Destiny. Steven Ma did great in Safe Guards and Land of Wealth, but it didn't receive great ratings, so yea....

Joe Ma seems really plain to me and well, he can act, but he's just not good enough. I've seen him with so many female co-stars, like Charmaine, Kenix, Jessica, but I've also seen him in "keh le feh" roles, so he doesn't really seem appealing to me.

Well let's just hope the TVB Anniversary will go alright and there won't be major disappointments....like last year when Liza Wang won. Ughh, she won the Best Female Award like a few years ago and it totally should have been Kenix who won. She totally deserved it. So, this year better not go bad again or I'll never watch anymore TVB series in my life!!... lol just kidding


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