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Friday, November 10, 2006

TVB Anniversary 2006 Results!!

LOL here is the winner's list for the TVB Anniversary:

Best Actress- Charmaine Sheh (Maiden's Vow)

Best Actor- Kevin Cheng (Under the Canopy of Love)

Most Favorite Female Award- Charmaine Sheh (Maiden's Vow)

Most Favorite Male Award- Steven Ma (Safe Guards)

Best Series- La Femme Desperado

Best Supporting Actress- Shirley Yeung (Always on Standby)

Best Supporting Actor- Kenny Wong (Dance of Passion)

Most Improved Actress-Linda Chung (Always on Standby)

Most Improved Actor-Kenneth Ma (The Herbalist's Manual)

Lifetime Achievement Award- Chung King Fai

Best Commercial Trailer- 2006 Miss Chinese International

Best Host- Sum Mei (15/16)

Best Variety Program- "Beautiful Kitchen"

Most Creative Program- "On the Road"

The Most Appreciated/ Highly Valued Award- "On the Road"

Best Foreign/ Imported Program- "The Adventures of Pan and James" (from Japan)

My Thoughts:
Are you kidding me? Kevin won the Best Actor award? Sheren didn't win anything? I totally expected her to win the Best Female Role Award while Charmaine gets the Best Female Award, but Charmaine snatched both of the them! LOL, I did want Charmaine to win, but maybe two awards is a lil too much. Anyway, I'm really proud of her because she really deserved the best actress award and I'd really commit suicide (lol just kiddin...hehe) if Myolie won. Myolie looked really pretty in her dress but I'm glad she didn't take the Best Actress Award from Charmaine. I wouldn't really mind if she won the Best Female role, that is if Sheren didn't win, cuz Charmaine already got the Best Actress Award,and Myolie gained weight for her role in To Grow with Love, but I have a feeling its ratings will be extremely low..

Well, for the Best Actor Award I was blowin' away when they announced the winner was Kevin. I wanted him to win the Most Improved Award cuz Kenneth still seems like a "keh leh fe" (those cameo roles) to me. Kevin definitely can't be compared to Bowie and Adam Cheng. I mean, seriously, he's really hot and stuff but he sucks in acting! He can't even express his feelings man! I was closing my eyes when I saw him in Yummy Yummy....he tried too hard to act when he can't and his looks are like blocking him from expressing himself lol! I thought that Bowie might win but, wellz, Kevin got it and there's nothing to do to change that fact....sigh..just comes to show how TVB gives out "popularity" awards rather than actual acting awards.

Another thing I wasn't too pleased about was how Shirley Yeung won the Best Female Supporting Role. Kiki Sheung or at least another "older" and more experienced person shoulda won it. Shirley won the Most Improved like 2 years ago or sumthin and now she gets another award? Wtf...I'm beginning to hate her more and more...

For the Best Male Supporting Award I was ok with Kenny Wong winning it cuz he was overly underrated by TVB a few years ago and it's nice to see him finally getting recognised..

My thoughts on the Most Improved Actor? Meh, don't wanna talk about it...Kenneth didn't deserve it....Kevin did...but Kevin won the Best Actor Award..so oh wellz.

I'm pretty ok about Linda receiving the Most Improved Actress Award, but like TVB doesn't have to promote her that much...at least Bernice should win before her cuz Bernice entered the industry b4 her although they were both from Pageant competitions....and I was rooting for Leila but she couldn't have won...TVB isn't that nice...

For the other awards...I ain't gonna comment cuz I'm quite satasfied wif the results...just a lil unhappy about the Best Actor Award...cuz KEVIN CAN'T ACT AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!! HE'S JUST LIKE RON, THEY'VE GOT THE LOOKS BUT NOT THE ACTING...

Overall, I thought this year's anniversary was quite fast paced because at the start of the show Dodo Cheng quickly handed out the Most Improved Actress Award to Linda Chung...and I was surprised she was so calm when she spoke cuz the other winners were like crying and nervous...plus there were only two or three performances and the stage seemed smaller somehow. I thought there would be more performances than that and I thought every artist would participate in a performance like the last few years but I guess its different this year...and why is it only Dodo hosting the entire show? Hello?!! This is a grand ceremony, they should have like a lot of MC's like last year, but Dodo is the only one hosting it...why? What about this year's Miss Hong Kong or Nat Chan or Liza or Eric Tsang....did they vanish or sumthin? But, she handled it quite well, and it'd be more perfect if the show was outside as it would give the show more atmosphere...

Hmmm somehow the show seems a little weird and maybe a lil too short...not really like the actual, you know, actual show...wellz I guess TVB wanted sumthin different this year so yea...

More TVB Anniversary pics at...http://ent.tom.com/piclibs/tvb2006hongtan/index.html


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