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Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 Top/Bottom 5 TVB Series

With 2006 almost coming to an end, let's review some of TVB's 2006 series...

Top 5 TVB Series:

1. La Femme Desperado - Fresh Storyline, high ratings, of course it's #1.
Sheren did great as usual and Raymond is just SOO hot everytime you see him on screen. LFD kept me entertained and I was hooked after watching the first episode. Highly recommended if you're a female because it deals with many problems women face today, but if you're a guy, watch it anyway because it's SO good.

2. Forensic Heroes - This is sort of a HK version of CSI, and although it didn't focus too much on love, I loved how the actors did their job. They acted so professional, especially Bobby. I can't wait for FH2...Bobby's the best!

3. War and Destiny - A story set in 1930's when the Japanese invaded Nanjing, China. Myolie and Sunny had an OK chemistry because I thought of them as more of a brother-sister relationship, rather than an actual love relationship. Ron and Leila had the best chemistry ever and I seriously became a fan of them after watching this.

4. Maiden's Vow - I loved Charmaine in here...she totally deserved the Best Female Award. She portrayed all four characters well, but I still have some problems with Joe's acting. His acting is still not natural enough and it seems as if there's something missing from his performance.

5. Bar Benders - A typical story about a lawyer who faces everyday problems about life: love, family, business. Adam did a great job in here, same goes to Sammul, Leila, and Louisa. The rest of the cast did an OK job.

Bottom 5 TVB Series : (not to offend anyone, only my opinion)

1. To Grow With Love - Mainly about how an overweight woman tries to look for true love and the stereotypes fat people have. I feel really bad for Myolie for gaining weight in this series, but the storyline was really bad. There was really no point in this series and some parts were just plain boring. Myolie tries to be funny but, sorry, I did't get it.

2. CIB Files - This series is supposed to talk about police solving crimes but the story was not suspenseful and did not talk a lot about investigation and stuff like that. I started watching a couple of the episodes but it was seriously way too boring. The cast didn't appeal to me and the storyline is so boring and confusing...most of the time the characters don't even solve the mysteries...they just hang out or talk about love and relationships.

3. Dance of Passion - A story set in the 30's or 40's somewhere in China where a group of people live in a village where being unfaithful can cause a curse. With a huge cast despite low ratings, all I can say is biggest disappointment of the year. TVB gave too much hype and expectations for this series but I thought it was too boring, too long, too sad ( OMG why do the women suffer so much in here) and too much yellow. My eyes really hurt after watching this series....so maybe better lighting would have helped.

4. Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion - Another one of those boring series. Well, it's sort of a wuxia type of series that focuses on love and martial arts/kung fu. The storyline was ok but it was just not interesting enough to keep me entertained. Even the cast couldn't save it, although I love CharRay (so cute LOL).

5. Bitter Bitten - Talks about the main characters using different clues and overcoming obstacles in order to find the treasure. I thought this would be a good mystery/suspense series but the story didn't attract me and there was nothing special about it.

Wow, compared to last year and the year before, TVB didn't really come up with any fresh or exciting series besides LFD. Forensic Heroes was basically copied from CSI and the Myolie series was copied as well. I just hope 2007 will be a good year for TVB cuz the ratings are starting to slip and if TVB doesn't come up with any good series, probably the audience will turn to ATV (I hope not).


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