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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gillian Chung & Edison Chan involved in Pornographic Scandal

*article from asianfanatics.net*

A pornographic image featuring Twins’ member, Gillian Chung, has been found on the internet, which has left the Hong Kong entertainment industry shocked. Many female celebrities have fallen victim to netizens who digitally alter their photos, leaving them feeling helpless. This recent blow to Hong Kong’s entertainment industry, has also involved Edison Chen, who has announced through a lawyer that he will be taking legal actions against this evil practical joke.

Yesterday, Gillian’s company’ EEG informed the police of the crime and then publicly announced that people have illegally altered images of Gillian to create and release pornographic images of Gillian. The company also stated that a lawyer has been employed to handle this issue and as soon as the distributor and uploader are identified, legal action will take place. Celebrities have all stood up against these evil actions, with Gillian’s rumoured boyfriend, Juno Mak calling the offender inhumane and an animal. Meanwhile, Gillian’s other rumoured boyfriend, Alex Fong, refused to comment.

Juno commented, “I believe that the image was made by a computer. I have not seen it and I do not plan to see it. (Will you comfort Gillian?) After what happened, she will be unhappy. But the Gillian I know is very strong; she does not need me to comfort her.”

When hearing of the news, Stephy Tang was shocked. She expressed, “With the technological advances, female celebrities have fallen prey to those who use our images to create porn. Even though, I am I not the victim of this incident, I still feel uncomfortable. I feel sorry for Gillian.” Stephy then stated that she will never take intimate photos.

Meanwhile Ella believes that no female celebrity will ever want this to happen to them. She commented, “If you like a particular female celebrity, you can go to functions and take photos to keep as memory. Such atrocious things should not be done. Performers and fans should respect each other. Do not do things that hurt female artists.”

My Thoughts:

Wow, I can't believe such a thing has happened. The pictures are reportedly taken back in 2005 and has recently leaked onto the internet by an unknown source.

Ummm....well.....I HAVE seen the pics and I must say they are beyond disturbing. I thought it would be somewhat mild but the pictures are soo graphic. I doubt it is photo shopped or edited because it doesn't look like a fake photo.

I would blame Edison or whoever took the photos because obviously they are very intimate. Whoever took the pic should have hidden it or delete it. Some people tell me that Edison took it and he showed it to his friends....and from there it sorta got leaked. Edison won't admit he has anything to do with it but he can be seen in the photos. EEG is taking legal action and they're calling the police and FBI. The issue is getting really big in HK right now...sigh....I just hope Gillian is OK. Don't forgot something similar happened last year when she was caught changing. *sighs again* Hope shes alright.


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