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Sunday, November 18, 2007

TVB Anniversary Awards 2007 Results!

The TVB Anniversary Awards was held yesterday and of course there were the obvious winners and some surprising winners as well. The HOG basically stole the show as the won in the main categories, including Best TV Series. I'm still trying to accept the fact that some of my favs didn't win...arggghh

The show was alright overall and the fashion choices this year are a lot more improved than last year. The men wore all black this year and I don't think it's the best choice cuz it looks like they're attending a funeral or something. Perhaps more color would have been a better choice.
One thing I want to point out is Bosco's fashion sense. Not that I have anything against him, but checkered pants and a black coat do not go together. It looks too casual for this type of event...

The women's dresses were of course more varied and colorful...my favorite dress is probably Gigi Lai's or Tavia's. I was pretty surprised that Bernice chose to wore black this year...the golden thingy's on her dress are unnecessary at all. I like her hair though...

The winners were pretty obvious this year: Moses won Best Actor and My Fav. Actor Award, as predicted by many, while Lee Si Kei won Best Actress. The My Fav. Actress Award would of course be reserved for Susanna Kwan, even though I really wanted Myolie to win.

The categories I'm extremely upset about are the Most Improved Awards...I mean COME ON Kate Tsui for Most Improved? Over Bernice? I don't see that ever happening and I wasn't ready for it happen until I saw the winner's list yesterday. I think a lot of Bernice fans, myself included, are still pretty angry because Bernice was obviously robbed this year...*sigh* I guess all of us need to move on and accept the reality that TVB will probably never award Bernice with this award.

I was also shocked when I heard that Amigo Chui won the Most Improved Award....ok seriously he hasn't even acted in a single TVB series so how can they judge as to whether he improved or not? I've seen him hosting many TVB shows but it's always the same...not much improvement from him I guess. Is it because he and Kate are one of Stephen Chan's "pets"...which is why they won? I don't know, but all I know is that this year's Most Improved Categories were soo rigged...I'm starting to think that it's not how good you act or how talented you are, but whether if you are heavily favored by TVB and its executives and bosses.

Another surprising winner was Fala Chen. I thought that she MIGHT win Most Improved because of how fast she's being promoted by TVB but her winning Best Supporting Actress seems so disrespectful to all the veterens nominated in this category. If TVB really wanted to give this award to Fala so badly, why now make another category like "Most Heavily Favored TVB Artist"...*shakes head* of course it's not really Fala's fault that she won, but still, other actresses nominated in this area like Florence Kwok was more deserving than her.

I think that's all I really need to say about the TVB Anniversary awards this year. The other categories I guess were pretty deserving. I do have a slight problem with Patrick Tang and Harlem Yu winning Best Host. I don't think I've seen them host for anything else besides that cooking show and believe me they do not posses the charisma other hosts have...for example Dodo Cheng, Lydia Shum, and Eric Tsang. They don't have the BEST talking skills and no they're show isn't even all that funny either. Another rigged category...*sigh*

Here's the list of winners if you haven;t seen the winners list yet:

(credits to asianfanatics.net)

Best Actor
Moses Chan

Best Actress
Lee Sze Kei

Mainland Audience's Favorite TVB Actor
Raymond Lam

Mainland Audience's Favorite TVB Actress
Gigi Lai

Best Supporting Actor
Louis Yuen

Best Supporting Actress
Fala Chen

Most Favorite Male Character
Moses Chan as Dak Dak Dei

Most Favorite Female Character
Susanna Kwan - Sai Kai

Most Improved Male Artist
Amigo Chui

Most Improved Female Artist
Kate Tsui

Best Series
Heart Of Greed

Most Favorite Host
Harlem Yu & Patrick Tang Foodie 2 Shoes

Best Creativity
Foodie 2 Shoes

Best Variety Show
On The Road

Best Promotion Clip
Drive Of Life

Lifetime Achievement Award
Lydia Shum


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