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Friday, September 14, 2007

MTV Video Music Awards 2007

So....did any of you guys watch it on Sunday? Yeah this post is like 6 days from the actual day it aired but I just had to post something about it. Ok, I stayed up to 9 pm to watch it even though it was a school night and I was SOOOO disappointed! The whole show itself really sucked and I felt so sorry for Britney Spears because her opening performance was really humiliating and even Sarah Silverman dissed her right after the performance.

The thing is, Sarah said really harsh things about her...like how Britney's children were mistakes and a whole lot of crap. This is national tv. You don't talk about someone's kids like that no matter how bad Britney's parenting skills are. The kids are innocent and a lot of people, like me, were outraged by her comments. Ok, Britney starts off with a bad performance and no one was really into it, but then Sarah Silverman comes out and totally kills the atmosphere again by saying those bad things. No one was laughing at all and you could actually hear the silence.

Anyway, enuff about her. Well, the whole highlight of the show was Chris Brown. He really kicked butt and his Micheal Jackson impersonation was just wow wow wow. He totally stole the show...he was jumping on tables and moving his body like crazy. Although there were many performers that night , I thought they were just "singing" and not really putting heart into it like Chris did. The camera's just glanced in between each "party" in Las Vegas so you could see like only 30 seconds of each performer but it was extremely messy. No organization at all.

I have to say, the MTV awards as a whole was sorta a waste of time if you minus Chris Brown. I've seen most of the MTV Awards years before and all of them were a delight to watch. This year's was a disappointment and it was like MTV didn't even try to make an awards show. But, the ratings this year rose like 20 percent...mostly due to everyone's curiosity on Britney's performance.

I don't think MTV will re-air the show but they do have some of the performances on their website as well as on youtube. If you want to see Britney walking around like she's stoned in a bikini you can go there.

Oh ya, although the performance sucked the song "Gimme More" by Britney is really catchy. I have it in my iPod too.


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