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Saturday, January 13, 2007

2006 TVB JSG Music Awards: Results

credits to orisun.com

Top 10 Songs :

1. 紅綠燈 - Stephanie Cheng
2. 最佳損友 - Eason Chan
3. 愛得太遲 - Leo Ku
4. 張開眼睛 - Andy Lau
5. 天水·圍城 - Hacken Lee
6. 情歌 - Justin Lo
7. 華麗邂逅 - Joey Yung
8. 離家出走 - Janice Wei
9. 光明會 - Denise Ho
10. 你不是好情人 - Twins

Favorite Female Singer - Joey Yung

Favorite Male Singer - Eason Chan

Asia's Favorite Female Singer - Kelly Chen

Asia's Favorite Male Singer - Andy Lau

Favorite Group Award
Gold: Twins
Silver: At17
Bronze: EO2

25th Anniversary Gold Song Award - Alan Tam:愛情陷阱

Gold Song Award - Leo Ku:愛得太遲

Outstanding Performance Awards
Gold: Justin Lo
Silver: Janice Wei
Bronze: Hins Cheung

Newcomer Awards
Gold: Vincy Chan
Silver: Kelvin Kwan
Bronze: Jill Wei

Newcomer Impact Award - Bernice Liu

Favorite Duets
Gold: 十分 愛 - Alex Fong and Stephy Tang
Silver: 愛與被愛 - Vincent Wong and Leung Ching Ching
Bronze: 滄海遺珠 - Kay Tse and Wilfred Lau

Favorite Commercial Songs
Gold: 張開眼睛 - Andy Lau
Silver: 愛得太遲 - Leo Ku
Bronze: 赤地雪 - Joey Yung

Favorite Mandarin Songs
Gold: Hurt So Bad - Hins Cheung
Silver: 80塊環游世界 - Twins
Bronze: 愛情復興 - Joey Yung

Favorite Singer/Composers
Gold: Andy Lau
Silver: Hins Cheung
Bronze: Justin Lo

Best Composer
Yeung Jan Bong - 愛得太遲

Best Lyricist
Lin Xi - 愛得太遲

Best Arranger
Do Ji Chi - 張開眼睛

Best Producer
Mark Lui - 愛得太遲

(info credits to asianfanatics.net)

My Thoughts:

I guess this year's JSG Awards weren't that bad. Of course Joey would win the Best Female Award the 4th or 5th time in a row...I was hoping Leo Ku would win the Best Male Award due to all the awards 愛得太遲 won ( Gold Song Award and all those composer awards) but Eason won it instead. Kelly and Andy took the Asia awards for the Female and Male catagory, and with Kelly winning it 6 times in a row, I could tell she wasn't too surprised about winning it again.

As a fan of Joey, I am totally supporting her against Eric because Eric obviously was not happy being around her on stage. He was talking about her every time they were on stage together...not necessarily bad but he brought up the idea of rumors of him and Joey not getting instead of staying quiet. As everyone knows, he was trying to "break the silence" during the Tung Wah Charity Show by commenting on Yumiko's incident, but sometimes trying to create humor at the wrong time is a bad idea. Not much grudge against him, but I just feel a little sorry for Joey. The hug on stage was obviously sort of an "ok whatever I'll give you a hug" thing, but you have to be nice to each other when you're on stage.

Anyways, I felt that Miriam should've at least won one award because I enjoyed her "Unlimited" album and I could tell she put a lot of effort and work in it. I thought the duet with Edmund Leung was great and good enough to win the Best Duet Award, but she was robbed once again.

I'm starting to think that HK's music industry is seriously not as good as before and its getting worse and worse each year. My favorite year was 2004 because of all the great songs produced that year, but more singers are starting to depart from the HK music industry and it seems to be not as "golden" as b4. Softhard made a comeback but they didn't win any awards at the ceremony...Twins win it again...and I thought Leon Lai would've won something. Didn't he have some songs out this year? I thought Vivian Chow and Sandy Lam would start singing again but Vivian only opened concerts in HK and Sandy Lam has not released any new albums. Hopefully this year (2007 that is) there will more quality CantoPop songs. Joey should stop singing K songs and should focus on other genres... and hopefully Miriam will do more good songs in her new music company and Denise should continue her hard work because I think she has a great voice but she just isn't as popular as Joey.


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