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Friday, February 02, 2007

Singer/Actor Looka-Likes

Oh my goodness, I haven't updated in a long time...well that's because of my exams..but anyways I should get going. I've searched up a few pics and there are some people in the industry that seriously look like each other. Please take a close look...

Miriam Yeung (singer from HK)

Leanne Li (MCI 05 winner, TVB actress)

I can see a resemblance in both of their smiles..they are both so bright and pretty! They've got such beautiful teeth and their round faces do look a little alike. Leanne's eyes are slightly bigger but their eyebrows look the same..

Ming Dao (183 Club member)

Gregory Lee (Shirley Yeung's Boyfriend)

If you look close,there is a resemblance when you look at the eyebrow and facial structure. When I noticed Ming Dao in the show Prince Turns Into Frog, he looked sooo familiar and at first I thought he was Gregory Lee but it turns out they're completely different people..

Andy Hui (singer from HK)

Ben Yeo (actor from Singapore, known for his role in the 05 TVB series Yummy Yummy)

Wow, they do look alike don't they? I first saw Ben in Yummy Yummy and I thought of one person - Andy Hui! OMG their face and smile look the same, but Ben's eyes seem to be a little bigger than Andy's.


  • At 7:13 PM, Blogger nicknooo said…

    Hey Emma! love your blog. I am from malaysia, a hardcore TVB showbiz fans. Will definately link your blog into mine, and intro to all my friends. nice meeting you :)


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