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Saturday, March 31, 2007

America's Next Top Model

I've been watching ANTM for a long time and I know some of you folks are a fan of ANTM like me haha... Anyway, the 8th cycle premiered on February 28th with 13 contestants in the beginning striving to become America's Next Top Model. The show is mainly focused on modeling and high fashion and if you have what it takes to become a top model and represent America.

For you guys who do watch ANTM, I'll just review some of the contestants who have been eliminated so far, as well as the summaries of the episodes to come (spoilers):

-Kathleen DuJour, 20, from Brooklyn, New York
-Samantha Francis, 19, from Pinson, Alabama
-Cassandra Watson, 24, from Seattle, Washington
-Felicia Campbell, 19, from Houston, Texas
-Diana Zalewski, 21, from Garfield, New Jersey

Next episode (credits to wikipedia and cwtv.com):

The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

The models get a history lesson from Twiggy on how she got her nickname and are challenged to create a name for their persona. The models must use their new name and make an impression at a Hollywood Hills party filled with celebrities. One model gets too friendly with rap star 50 Cent, and makes a splash after getting thrown in the pool while another model jumps in after her. The two drenched models are embarrassed when they meet well-known manager Benny Medina and his entourage. Later, Tyra gets involved when one model is confronted by her competitors with harsh opinions. At the photo shoot, the girls show off four of their inner personalities. The judges send one model home.

Special guests include Twiggy, Melrose from ANTM 7, rapper 50 Cent, super agent Nancy Josephson, former model Beverly Johnson, producer Larry Sanitsky, entrepreneur Nikki Haskell, and photographers Markus & Indrani. Benny Medina serves as guest judge (#807).

I heard that Jael will be the next to get eliminated because of her "feud" with 50 Cent, but I'm not too sure. I've read that article on wikipedia, but I'm skeptical on it. Well, we'll have to see in the future episode on Wednesday.

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro

EFREN RAMIREZ ("NAPOLEON DYNAMITE") and TIA MOWRY ("THE GAME") GUEST STAR - The models get a crash course in character acting from actress Tia Mowry, then are immediately thrown into an acting challenge with Efren Ramirez, the famous Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite.". The best actor and her friend get an unexpected visit, causing one model to have an emotional breakdown. Excitement rises when Top Models of the past show up for a photo shoot that highlights the most scandalous moments of the series. Special guests include Kim Stolz (Cycle 5), Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1) Rebecca Epley (Cycle 5), Michelle Deighton (Cycle 4), Bre Scullark (Cycle 5), Joanie Dodds (Cycle 6), Michelle Babin (Cycle 7), Amanda Babin (Cycle 7), photographer and guest judge Matthew Jordan Smith (#808).


In this episode, according to some sources, Dionne will be the next to be eliminated. This leaves 6 girls who will have the chance to go to the international destination : Austraila.

I'm rooting for Renee, Jaslene, and Jael because their photos always delivers. Ok, I know there are quite a few Renee-haters out there but I think the cameras are portaying her as a biatch like they did to Melrose for the ratings. Jael may be eliminated next but I just love her personality and she is such a fun-loving person. Jaslene takes great pictures and the cameras love her, but Tyra always says that her personailty isn't showing. Either way, I'm rooting for her, as well as for Renee and Jael!

If any of you guys don't watch ANTM, you just have to. When I started watching this, I got so addicted and the cat fights in the house are always fun to watch lol. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it.


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