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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hey everyone sorry for the long updates!

Hey ya'll sorry for updating in like 2 months....I've been extremely busy with school work and such....so I haven't really had the time to catch up on all the TVB stuff. I've been watching a ton of reality shows and listening to the new Britney Spears CD (it rocks, everyone should get it!)...but, I do know the TVB Anniversary is just around the corner so imma give my 2 cents on it:

Best Actor:
Moses Chan

Moses has garnered a lot more fame and praise after his role in HOG and I can tell he has improved soo much since he won Most Improved Actor in 2002. Everyone is rooting for him so the award will most likely go to him.

Best Actress:
Sheren Tang

Sheren deserved this award like 3 years ago but year after year she doesn't win...I really want her to get this award this time even though the heavy favorites are Lee Si Kei and Susanna Kwan. IMO those 2 should get lifetime achievement award or something...give the best actress award to Sheren!

Best Supporting Actor:
Benz Hui

Man I loved his acting in Dicey Business as a "gay"dude...everytime he acts in a tvb series he just gives so much life to the character he portrays. He never fails to impress the audience with his acting, that's for sure.

Best Supporting Actress:
Florence Kwok/Leila Tong

I really want Florence to win because I loved her sophisticated character in Forensic Heroes(although that was last year)...but Leila Tong deserves some recognition too for acting with TVB since she was very young. I guess it's a toss up between these two...

My Favorite Male Character:
Bobby Au Yeung

Whether it's a funny & comical role or a serious & strict role, Bobby always gives strong performances and every time lits up the screen with his wonderful charisma. He is also nominated for an International Emmy award for his portrayal in Dicey Business....go Bobby! Hope he wins overseas and represent TVB well!

My Favorite Female Character:
Myolie Wu

She was a strong contender last year in the Best Female Award cateogry but lost out to Charmaine Sheh. Charmaine was even able to snatch the Favorite Female Character award... I felt really sorry for Myolie cuz she should have gotten at least one award for her gained weight in TGWL. Oh well, I hope TVB can at least give her an award this year...

Most Improved Actor:
Chris Lai

Wow I think he's been in like 4 series this year...anyhow I really like his character in HOG and he has shown a lot of improvements in his acting. Out of all the other contenders in this category, Chris deserves this award more IMO...

Most Improved Actress:
Bernice Liu

Bernice better get this award or I'll literally boycott TVB! LOL....jk....but still Bernice deserves this award hands down. I remember watching an interview of her back in the Virtues of Harmony days and man she could not even blurt out a whole sentence of Cantonese! Look at her now....she's so fluent in Cantonese she no longer has that American accent in her voice. Her acting has also improved vastly and yes she is able to produce convincing tears during the emotional scenes. TVB will be veryyy wrong if they give this award to Fala or Kate Tsui! I'm gonna go nuts if Bernice doesn't get this award...she deserved it last year too!

There are other categories too but IMO they're the less important ones so I'm just gonna skip them for now...

Umm...moving on...another thing I wanna talk about it is Britney's new CD! It came out like yesterday and I got it right away. Despite everything going on in her life, she still was able to produce uptempo and fun songs that are definitely ear candy...my favorite song off that album is the lead single Gimme More. That song is already at the top of the charts and is the most successful song of Britney's since ...Baby One More Time! The MV is quite disturbing but the song is stuck in my head and makes me wanna shake that thang when I hear it on the radio LOL. I recommend it everyone...you won't regret it.


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